Hello DAML

Hello everyone,

I’m Frank and I work for ASX in Sydney. I’ve been hanging around here for a while so this is a late introduction really… I’ve been following the development of DAML for almost a year. It is a great fun and I’m looking forward more cool features.



Hi @Frankie, welcome to the forum, even though as you say, you’ve been active both here and before that on Slack for a long time. Thank you for that! Anything you can share on what you are doing with DAML?
And speaking of features, if you ever have any ideas that would make your life as a DAML developer easier, or simply run into tasks that seem difficult with the existing feature set, keep on letting us know.


Hey @Frankie, welcome to the forum anyway. Great to see you already so active :muscle:

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Belated welcome to the forum Frankie. I made you a Capybara.

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Welcome @Frankie!

Thanks guys. @anthony that’s one big lovely rodent… em… look a bit like a big puppy with the sun glasses on…

A bit more about what we are doing here. We have been exploring DAML SDK and using it to build things. We got a few simple POC using DAML only and also full end to end application using DAML, PostgreSQL Ledger, Ledger API Java lib, extractor and front end UI. Recently we start to look into Json server and command completion service.

There are things we tried and also a lot of questions from different technical levels.I will share them here and hopefully you will find something interesting.


great to see you also update you profile pic @Frankie and looking forward to see those questions in this forum :raised_hands: