Have messaging preferences been reset?

As of this weekend, I seem to be receiving e-mails notifying me of posts that I wasn’t receiving before - is anyone else experiencing this? Could just be that I’ve somehow inadvertently changed my messaging preferences, but I don’t think so …

I got the same. May be due to a discourse update, I don’t know.

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I updated the default preferences a bit on Friday to make sure people weren’t missing updates to things they’ve read/responded to/subscribed to on the forum.

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Also just tweaked this a bit so you’re not “away” until you’ve been away from the site for at least 18 hours. It was previously 10 mins. This will hopefully get at it what I intended without bombarding people with emails :slight_smile:

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Can I change this back for my own notifications? I did enable email notifications before and was quite happy to get them quickly. Now I get emails after 18 hours for topics that I’ve already read and replied to which isn’t all that useful.

This is unfortunately a site-wide setting. Let’s try setting for 15 mins (instead of 10 or 1080) and see if that’s acceptable.

If people don’t like the emails they can click the unsubscribe link in one of them to turn them off.

I’ve reset my preferences to not send me emails. I prefer checking the forum at regular intervals and use the forum notifications to have a look at new/unread posts, so that I can focus on things.

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I like the fact that whatever you did has resulted in me getting emails. I vote keep it.


Happy to see you visiting the forum again!