My first badge :)

Hi all, Thomas here, playing around with daml an its introduction tutorial.
It’s working great so far…


Congratulation @thomaslanglois

Look forward to seeing you progress, good luck!

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Great job Thomas! Keep us posted with your learning journey!

Congrats @thomaslanglois :clap: Keep on learning Daml and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Cheers all, thanks for the encouragements.
Second screenshot…so far so good although I find it strange that for A to send a message to B it only takes B to follow A whereas it takes B to be followed back by A before he can sends A a message.
I know it seems to be working as per the requirements described in the use case but I would make this requirement reciprocal i.e. A and B can only exchange messages until both follow each other.

Now how would one do this? I guess the Message contract is fine as is but maybe the SendMessage choice should be more strict and validate the reciprocity by adding an assertMsg statement.

Indeed. You can restrict the ability to send a message only when both the sender and the recipient follow each other by adding an assertion to the SendMessage choice. The slight complication is that you don’t have all the data required to check if the sender follows the recipient ready available. You have the sender party, which is an argument of the SendMessage choice. But you don’t have the User contract associated with this party, which contains the list of parties the sender follows. To obtain the User contract, you need to fetch it from the ledger. Here’s the modified code for the SendMessage choice

    nonconsuming choice SendMessage: ContractId Message with
        sender: Party
        content: Text
      controller sender
        assertMsg "The recipient must follow the sender" (elem sender following)
        (senderUserCid, senderUser) <- fetchByKey @User sender
        assertMsg "The sender must follow the recipient" (elem this.username senderUser.following)
        create Message with sender, receiver = username, content

Thank you, much appreciated, I shall try this shortly :slight_smile:

Works like a charm. Thanks Alex.

Looks like I’ve got it working! Looking forward to adding some features now…

Congratulations! And welcome to the community of Damlers.
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Have fun learning Daml.

Congratulation @Halloran

Look forward to seeing you progress, good luck!