DAML learning - Messaging feature

Hi all,
I am just new to DAML and excited to learn. Currently I am following the daml learn and I am on the topic
" Add a new feature with UI elements to your Daml app" on Step 5 of 7. I get this error in my VS Code and when compiled I get the error below kindly see screenshot. Let me know if I need to do fixing on other code but I just actually followed what is on the step.

Thanks and really appreciated your thoughts.



Hi @ariscatan and welcome to the forum!

Looking at the error it seems like there might have been a mixup between the fields in the Message template and those in the SendMessage choice.
Copying from the documentation, the Message template has 3 fields including a receiver field.

template Message with
    sender: Party
    receiver: Party
    content: Text
    signatory sender, receiver

while the SendMessage choice only has 2 and no receiver:

 nonconsuming choice SendMessage: ContractId Message with
        sender: Party
        content: Text
      controller sender
        assertMsg "Designated user must follow you back to send a message" (elem sender following)
        create Message with sender, receiver = username, content

I suspect that your code might have a receiver field on SendMessage as well. In that case simply drop it and adjust your code to match the example in the docs.


Thanks @cocreature for the reply. Yes you are correct I removed the receiver and it works like a charm.
This case is solved.

Thanks and more power!