Handing ghcide over to the Haskell community

Almost exactly a year after we split out ghcide, the IDE backend that also drives DAML Studio, into its own repository so that it can be used as a Haskell IDE, today we turned ghcide into a proper community project under the haskell Github organization. If you are interested in how we got there, take a look at our blogpost.

If you are wondering what this means for DAML, you are using the fruits of ghcide being used by Haskell developers every day in DAML Studio! Numerous features like code completions or the clever autofixes that you get in DAML Studio have been contributed by external contributors over the last few months.


Congratulations! This relationship proves among others that DAML has been built on solid foundations!


Really great work @cocreature


Crazy seeing that photo of Bristol on the blog post. I went to Uni there 20 years ago, and Iā€™m pretty sure I know where it was taken!