Simon and Oggy will be talking about Haskell this weekend at ZuriHac (it's online)

The ZuriHac2020 competition to win a ZuriHac or DAML T-shirt is live

@meiersi and @oggy will be talking about using Haskell :haskell: as the world’s :earth_africa: database @ ZuriHac 2020 with a hopefully interactive demo that @Ratko_Veprek, @oggy, and me are currently hacking together.

The presentation will be on Sunday June 14 at 10 AM CET so if you’re awake at that hour come join, invite your friends, and maybe even get a free ZuriHac or DAML T-shirt. T-shirts aren’t normally going to be free this year at ZuriHac but they will be for intrepid hackers :slight_smile:

Check out more on the event here