Digital Asset long term support

This is not a technical question, rather a business one.
I work in big corporation X which is willing to use daml with HLF via daml-on-fabric plugin to develop finance smar-contracts.
However, there is concern about keeping contracts written in DAML in the long term. Does Digital Asset provide support for such initiatives?


Hi @Michal_Konopka , that’s great to hear. Our standard compatibility and support guarantees are documented here. TL;DR: Even if you use the open source stack, you get stability and backwards compatibility guarantees, as well as deprecation notice cycles of at least one year. It should go without saying that major version updates don’t wilfully break all the things either, but are rather a means of cleanly introducing important changes that can’t be made in a fully backwards-compatible way. We have not yet needed to do so since the release of Daml 1.0 in April 2020.

All of this is intended to give users and customers the best possible experience over many years, and we will always strive to provide seamless migration paths from one major version to the next. And while we try to provide stability throughout the entire stack, Daml Smart Contracts are of particular concern to us so I expect that contracts written today will be runnable for a long time.

If you have specific support or stability requirements, I recommend talking to Digital Asset sales.