A new release cadence for the DAML SDK

It’s been nearly a year since Digital Asset open sourced DAML. Over that year, we have been working on a rapid release cadence to bring new features to our users as quickly as possible in order to provide the best development experience in the market for distributed applications. At the same time, we’ve seen major DAML projects move towards production and numerous DAML ledger integrations come to life. And as the DAML ecosystem is maturing, it is also time to stabilise the DAML SDK and associated developer experience. The first step in that process is to move to a slower release cadence.

From March 2020, the DAML SDK will be released on a monthly cadence. On the first or second Thursday of each month, we will announce a release candidate together with detailed release notes, and an outlook to the next release. The following Monday, we will host an open door Zoom conference for community members to ask questions about the upcoming release or provide feedback, and on the Wednesday of that week, the release candidate will be marked stable. At that point, the DAML SDK Assistant will start informing users that a new release is available.

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