DAML SDK 1.4.0 RC is out!

DAML SDK 1.4.0 RC is out with some exciting new features and improvements. Read the high level announcement here , or dive into the full release notes .

Also remember to sign up for the community open door on Monday 10th August at 2.30pm-3.00pm CET / 8:30-9am EST on Zoom. You need to register beforehand so make sure to :slight_smile:

Some highlights:

  • DAML on SQL is available as an Early Access standalone JAR, you can find it on the GH Release page
  • Improvements to Ledger API and documentation for client application failover
  • DAML REPL is stable and has gained new features, including the ability to run without being connected to a ledger
  • daml codegen js is significantly faster when generating Javascript/TypeScript code
  • New Previous/Next buttons on docs.daml.com. Thanks to @Axman6-da for the suggestion!