SDK 1.5.0 is released!

1.5.0 is now stable, install it with daml install latest

Highlights include:

  • DAML Script is now fully integrated into the IDE and will supersede Scenarios.

  • Turn DAML expressions into JSON using the REPL (ex. :json [1, 2, 3] ) which is useful for talking to the JSON API.

  • DAML on SQL now has much richer logging which means error messages will be a lot more transparent, allowing you to see exactly what call data caused an error. We’re also adding support for structured logs via Logstash Logback Encoder.

  • foldl and foldr performance has improved by 4x! 4x faster folds IN. ANY. DIRECTION. YOU. WANT.

  • Application IDs now work in DAML Script, Triggers, and REPL. Useful if you’re working with ledgers with authentication.

  • The Trigger Service can now bind to addresses other than localhost.

And if you really want to dive in the full release notes are here.