DABL Chat Slack integration: where do the incoming messages can be read on the UI?

I managed to set up a Slack app, which forwards messages from a public DABL Chat channel to a Slack channel.

I managed to set up a webhook connection so that messages sent to the Slack app trigger SlackIntegration.InboundDirectMessage.InboundDirectMessage contracts in the ledger, with the right message.

Where do these inbound messages are supposed to appear in the DABL Chat UI?

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Hi @gyorgybalazsi - I don’t think we ever supported the inbound path.

The integration with DABL Chat was only supposed to work as an outbound forwarder. That being said, I believe could be able to write an automation that would read instances of the InboundDirectMessage and post them to DABL Chat.

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The integration is there:

The contract instance gets created:

I understand the backend functionality is there, just not implemented on the UI.

yes exactly. a DABL Chat consumer of the InboundDirectMessage was never in scope.

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