Websocket error

Hey everyone!

@Li_Ma, @cocreature, and @Michael_Schaeffer helped me get my artifacts (triggers, UI, DAML model) loaded to DABL. I also found the bond-on-dabl repo to be helpful.

Initially, I made the updates config.js, app.js, and userContext.js files outlined in the bond-on-dabl repo and Make Bond Issuance work on DABL commit.

When I open my UI I get a WebSocket connection error. From the application view, I can see that the token is being recognized.

Initially, I’d like to be able to demo via DABL where I can log in as the different parties and work through the application.

Ultimately, I’d like to invite users to DABL where either they can interact with the application by themselves or provide an interactive demo where myself and the client interact as different counterparties.

Has anyone else seen this error or have any ideas as to what may be causing it?


It’s worth expanding the warnings and errors objects fully, though my best guess is that your error is about not having specified any known template IDs. Expanding the unknownTemplateIds object, you’ll be able to compare the template ID that you are passing to streamQueries with the template ID(s) that actually exist on the ledger.


Hey @Stephen. Thanks for the response. That was the confusing part for me. All of the data was live according to the “Live Data” tab in DABL, but none of it was showing up in the ui.

I didn’t end up finding what was wrong, but rather, took a step back and rebuilt from scratch using the bond-on-dabl repo as a guide. Everything is up and running now.

Thanks for your help!

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