Connecting Dazl Python Bot to Daml Hub Ledger

Greetings, I have a Python Bot that uses Dazl to connect to a local ledger and it works well enough.
Is there any way to do the same with a Daml Hub hosted ledger? If so, can you add some steps on how to do so successfully?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately you can only run Python bots in Hub, and not outside of it.

But adding support for this (and other tools) running outside of Hub over the gRPC Ledger API is something that we’re working on, and hope to have available soon.

Thanks for using Daml Hub!

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Thank you for the quick answer. Then, is it possible to host the bot on Daml Hub instead and have them communicate?

Yes but it depends.

What is the DAZL bot doing? If it meets the criteria for an integration, we have a way to do that and can see a bit of info and some examples by following the links here

If the purpose is to multiplex parties or build an off-Hub IAM, then no, that is not supported.