A call for moderators

We’re going to be opening up the forum soon and will need some moderators to help manage the forum as it grows. Currently the workload is very light and should never grow to be more than an hour a week. However I’d like to have moderators ready and trained ahead of time.

What you’ll get

  • The opportunity to help build a strong community that pays back dividends in less time spent answering questions and more outside contributions to DAML
  • Be able to hand out badges, emojis, and other rewards, which is really quite fun

What you’ll do

  • Provide assistance if people have questions
  • Remove/review spam, Discourse is generally very good at catching spam
  • Minor housekeeping like moving miscategorized topics, and marking answers to questions if they’re not marked

If you’re interested please respond below and let me know!

Happy to get involved.


You are now a moderator sir. Welcome!

We could probably take on one more moderator for the time being if anyone is interested.

I read most questions anyway so happy to help out.