Why do service accounts disappear from the DABL dashboard after refresh?

Service accounts disappear from the dashboard after refresh. is this expected behaviour?


Hi @Albert_Pul!

Currently we only show service account rows for service accounts for which credentials are made available, and they are only made available with credentials exactly once, at the time of creation, for security reasons. Therefore, it is expected behavior, though I can see why it appears questionable.

This is something that may change in the future, especially as it will be important to keep track of service account records previously created, independently of whether credentials are available for download for them, for instance to keep track of expiration time.

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The messaging of this has changed in a recent push, on 8/24. Where before rows for service accounts would just disappear if credentials were not available for them, now the rows will persist, but a button to copy the credential will not appear if the row for the credential is not the most recent row. Hopefully this is less surprising, if you have feedback on this please share it!


This works well and it is generally better for service account credential management