Hello all, I hope everyone is doing ok.

I was wondering if there is an endpoint to return the DABL_LEDGER_ACCESS_TOKEN. This token is different from service account tokens as some endpoints return “Failed to authenticate User Grant token” when service account tokens are supplied instead of the DABL_LEDGER_ACCESS_TOKEN.

The DABL_LEDGER_ACCESS_TOKEN is exposed after a manual login happens and obtaining this token without having to manually login broadens things a bit


Hello @Albert_Pul.

As far as supported token distribution methods go, there is the the profile page which contains a link to download an Account JWT, the app login flow, and - as you mentioned - service accounts.

It’s unclear to me how a token could be granted securely in the absence of some kind of authentication event. I’d really like to hear more about your use case here to better understand your aims!

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Can we schedule a call some time this week? I will reach out on slack

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