Team members still welcome to our Odyssey Hackathon DAML team!


We still have a couple of available slots on our amazing DAML team preparing for the Odyssey Momentum hackathon.

Details of the challenge can be found here:

Below is a drawing to show it:

Our challange is a complex one involving international enviromental law, marine science, data science and blockchain technology, and also people from other areas are welcome who want to promote marine biodiversity.

A succing formulation of our challenge runs as follows:

“Build a decentralized sovereign nature-data exchange infrastructure for anyone and anything to contribute and use its data on the High Seas, creating data and information commons for everyone, preserving and strengthening the data sovereignty of scientists, traditional knowledge holders and organizations. Enabling nature’s data to speak for itself and therefore enabling everyone to act on behalf of nature. In this challenge, the Sargasso Sea will be the specific use-case.”

We have already started brainstorming, here is the document containing our ideas:


Very cool topic @gyorgybalazsi , great challenge :fire: