Call for devs for Odyssey

A couple teams at the Odyssey hackathon still have a few spots open so if anyone is interested in helping them out on impactful solutions and writing some DAML in the process please comment below.

I’m on a workshop with them right now but will have them join and post what they’re working on and looking for below :slight_smile:


Hi everyone - one addition to this. Odyssey is looking for one team to join the Sovereign Nature track. I think this is an excellent opportunity for DAML developers who are looking to make an impact with a pilot project around sustainability and governance. Opportunities for cash prizes for winning solutions, and all projects developed here are networked and pitched to an ecosystem of major enterprises, governments, and global organizations.

Specific re. the call from Odyssey are below - but if we can get even one DAMLer to sign up as a team captain, Odyssey will be able to connect him/her with teammates and resources to get an awesome DAML application off the ground during the Hackathon.

It would be amazing if a DAML team could join the Sovereign Nature-track. The challenge in this track is ‘Protecting Marine Biodiversity’ - it’s revolving around the high-seas (2/3 of the earth and currently there is almost no jurisdiction) and giving people everywhere the opportunity to speak on behalf of nature.

I would like to ask you to share the following videos, short and representative of the track and Momentum:

Track Trailer:

Momentum Trailer:

Partners driving the Track

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Known for the IUCN Red List. Next to WWF the only official advisor to the UN on Nature.

The International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL)

It’s chair prof. Nicolas Robinson is one the challenge leads.

The Sargasso Sea Commission

Other parties involved in the track

  • NASA

  • UN

  • Numerous researchers from many organizations

Strategic interests

Next to working on a subject that matters with organizations that matter…

the winning team(s) are presenting on the, where over 30,000 researchers and 200+ member states are getting together every 4 years to focus the earth efforts in nature conservation. New tech and new ways of innovating are high on the agenda of the IUCN, who recognizes that need to start collaborating more outside the academic/policy domain.

Collaboration within the track

There are currently a lot of satellite data teams in the track and the track could really use a team that knows how to make it possible for a scientist who collected data for 40 years to share his data to willing and good actors without losing his sovereignty over it. Lots of opportunities to team up with these satellite teams as you will be having complementary skill sets and focal points.


The team captain and the team mates can register here: []

If a team captain is ‘ready’ this week, we will intro him/her and set up a call with the challenge leads. We will guide this process to make sure your team has everything they need to prepare well.

The other prep is mainly setting up calls with the other teams in the track, one final call with the challenge lead to crystallize ideas of the DAML teams based on this call and a visit to the online Getting Ready conference (Odyssey explaining what Momentum is going to be like). I would say starting next week 2/4 hours per week for the team captain max. The team mates come in at the Getting Ready (Oct 29).


The links are Mimecast encoded, so you cannot open them by clicking, you have to copy them from the text and open in a separate browser tab.


I’m happy to join


This is excelent @gyorgybalazsi !! I’ve just sent you a note