Support for Mysql


I have used PostgreSQL for development purposes very successfully in the last few months.

What would be the effort involved to connect DAML to MySQL instead of PostgreSQL ?



Hi @bartcant!

We don’t have plans to add MySQL support. The reason explained here: DAML Sandbox Persist with oracle database

Ping @stefanobaghino-da if you need information about what exact interfaces you need to implement in order to add MySQL support.

In the interest of focus, we still don’t support anything but PostgreSQL for production setups as of the current SDK version (1.4).

Despite sharing a common language and many common functional properties, relational databases can vary immensely when it come to tuning and operations, which is why adding support for more implementations can be quite an undertaking, in terms of support and maintenance.

In principle though, you could extend the implementation of the ledger JDBC data access object to make it work with MySQL. In order to do so, there are extensive instructions on how to set up the development environment in the repository’s and files.

If you would plan to do so but would not plan to maintain a separate fork, I would recommend you synchronize your efforts with the rest of the open source contributors, as the maintenance burden would ultimately fall unto them.

Note: the links shared in this post point to the master branch as of the time of writing (commit 09014dc63729e4a126306ec22183ded68917eb40).