DAML Sandbox Persist with oracle database

Quick question - i know in your documentation you mention you can persist a sandbox instance to a postgres database which works great. I was wondering though as it uses a standard jdbc connection url would it be possible to switch out a postgres database with an oracle one?

I have attempted it myself with no luck but wasnt sure if that was to do with my local configuration so thought Id check here if anyone else has tried? Many thanks in advance


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As of today (SDK 1.3) the only available driver for a persistent sandbox is only PostgreSQL. We have seen successful deployments targeting PostgreSQL-compatible managed SQL services, though.

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Okay cool thank you very much for confirming

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You’re welcome. To give you better context, the idea is to try to focus our resources to give our users a good level of support when using a given platform.

But we do indeed receive many questions regarding support for alternative backends. :wink: