Soul Bond Token

Hi guys,

Just curious if there any one have done a SBT like implementation using Daml? :slight_smile:


If my understanding of SBTs is correct, this would simply be a non-transferable holding.

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@georg @Johan_Sjodin Do you have any recommendations on how to use these non-transferable holdings? For example, let’s say I only want to settle with someone unless they have some particular “badge” (maybe a KYC badge) - represented as a non-transferable holding. Do you think this non-transferable holding should be present in one of the settlement Instructions in the Batch? But then of course it is non-transferable, so I shouldn’t really be moving the Holding anywhere during the Batch execution. Could this idea work or is this not how you intended the non-transferable holding to be used?

It wouldn’t be soul-bound to a human, but a Non-Transferable Token might be attached to a Vehicle VIN# that is then stuck to that specific hunk of metal and used by the infotainment system.