Shaul - What would you say ya do here?

I’m Shaul Kfir, co-founder and CTO at Digital Asset.

I’m a huge geek (and an introvert - introducing myself here is hard!). My passion for as long as I remember has been building and fixing anything and everything - and seeing things I build get “wings” of their own: gliders, robots, drones, my first car, teams, any and every type of software, and of course anything my daughter wants to build with me. Developer tools are a specific passion because there’s the meta-aspect of getting to see all of the cool things people build using them. Please post something cool you’ve built using DAML (or libSNARK) and tag me!

(I’m the one on the left)

I’m Israeli, have a background in Physics and Computer Science, and have been coding all my life except for 7 years I spent in the Navy and the past few years in which I haven’t coded even remotely as much as I want to. When I’m not at work, I spend time reading and learning new things, or with family and friends, especially if it’s camping or sailing. If you’re in NYC in the summer and want to go sailing on the Hudson, ping me here or on Twitter.

Team sailing on the Hudson with @Drew, @meiersi and Jussi

I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

Thank you for being a part of our community!