Production options

Hello, I am part of the team developing with DAML. We are interested in recommendations for deploying DAML to production preferably on Azure. A primary goal is to guarantee our customer’s privacy and security for their application. Additionally, do you have any recommendations for documentation or tutorials on how best to program with the DAML ledger API?


Hi @davidk, welcome to the DAML community forum!

There is currently only one off-the-shelf solution for DAML on Azure, and that’s DAML on Azure Database. It offers essentially the same trust and safety guarantees as DAML for Postgres, but is available on the Azure Marketplace.

Outside of Azure, there are the integrations listed on It’s hard to give a recommendation without knowing what sort of setup you are after. Ie whether your customer is a consortium that needs a truly distributed solution, or a single entity that would benefit from a more centralized topology.

As for guides to program DAML with the DAML Ledger API, I would recommend using the Java Ledger API Bindings. There’s a quickstart guide with and example in that docs section.


Note that if you’re willing to manage your own ledger on raw Azure instances, all the other DAML ledgers can be run “on Azure” too.

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