Running Daml on DO droplet

I am new to Daml, I am expermenting to run Daml on cloud server like DO. I am able to install daml and Java. I am able to run it on sandbox, also run json api server. What I am planning to do is :slight_smile:

  • to run the ledger in production mode
  • run it on daemon mode or as background process(Was it possible?)
  • Run the json api service in background process too

Looking forward on your response :slight_smile:


Hi @ariscatan,

Running on a DO droplet should definitely be possible. Let us know how it works out for you!

As for running Daml on SQL and the JSON API as background processes there is no builtin support for that because these days that is commonly handled by either wrapping it in a systemd service which will take care of that for you or a docker image (you get docker images as part of the enterprise edition or you can build your own based on the JARs on GH releases).


If you’re not aware of it, I cannot recommend highly enough spending some time to get familiar with tmux.

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I am using tmux :slight_smile: so basically I can run it using tmux session right? Thanks

Ah I see, ok I will try to wrap it using docker container Thanks for the idea.

It really depends on what specifically you’re trying to accomplish, but tmux is a great solution to “I want this to survive my SSH connection”.

If you’re looking for a real production setup, you can contact our sales team to get access to the entreprise edition, which comes with Docker images for all the components.

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