New PDF Release (2.6.0, 2.6.1) Doesn't have the correct bookmark

I guess not many people read the PDF book but I use it more frequently than the online version since it’s convenient to annotate & add notes.
The current releases don’t have the full bookmark, as in this screenshot.

Previous versions (2.5.3) for example, have the full bookmark:

An update to the PDFs in the new releases to have full bookmark is highly appreciated.


Hi @datmt,

This was not a deliberate change. We’ll look into what might have caused it. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you very much @Gary_Verhaegen . Much appreciated!

I had a look into to the docs repo and it seemed the folder structure, build scripts were changed after 2.5.3. Probably the new versions have new release .

I’ll try to build the docs for 2.6.3 using the old style.

It looks like the download script needs to access a private repo. I’ll settle with no bookmark for now :sweat_smile:.