Broken link to daml-ledger TypeScript library doc

Hi there, if I go to this page and click on where it says " Please consult the documentation". Then I get an error saying there is nothing there.

Hi Huw,

Thank you for reporting this, I confirm it is still unavailable, and will escalate this internally.

Regards, BM.

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Hi @huw,

The link should now be fixed on the main website.

2.6.3 is no longer supported so it’s unlikely that specific instance of the page will get the fix.

Great, thanks for fixing this one. How come 2.6.3 is not supported? Are any 2.6.x versions supported?

Our standard policy is to only support the latest patch of the latest minor in each supported major, so right now that means 2.7.5. You may have a different contract, though. Please reach out to your CX contact if you have any doubt as to what is supported in your particular case. I would, however, recommend you consider upgrading to 2.6.5 if nothing else, so you’re at least on the latest patch for your minor.

Regarding the documentation, I can tell you definitely that we will not be updating the 2.6.3 site. Only the versions in the dropdown can get updated, and this particular fix is unfortunately complicated in our build process and thus may not even get backported to all of those.