Type Script support dropped with SDK 1.9.0?


looking at the documentation, the examples and Create DAML App, it seems that Type Script is the recommended language for DAML applications.

But it also seems that for SDK 1.19.0 this is actually not supported:

$ daml  version
SDK versions:
1.9.0  (project SDK version from daml.yaml)

$ daml codegen --help
Available commands:
scala                    (deprecated)

And indeed when trying to follow the instructions of Create DAML App it fails

$ daml codegen ts [...]
Invalid argument `ts`

Was Type Script support dropped? Or am I missing anything?


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TypeScript is still fully supported. The command just got renamed to indicate that you can also use it directly from JavaScript where the additional typins will just be ignored.


Which instructions are you referring to? I was under the impression that we had updated all references from codegen ts to codegen js, but we may have missed some.

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Hi @Gary_Verhaegen ,

I now see that Create DAML App has been deprecated. That was my mistake to not note this earlier.

However, the README of @daml/ledger is still referring to the deprecated repo, which has led me down the wrong path.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Alexander_Bernauer,

Thanks a lot for reporting this! I have updated the create-daml-app repo to be more clear on its archived nature, and I have opened a pull request on daml-ledger to point towards daml new --template=create-daml-app instead.


Hi @Gary_Verhaegen,

I just found another place that is still referring to the deprecated repo.

It states to

git clone https://github.com/digital-asset/create-daml-app


Edit: it also recommends to use daml-reload-on-change.sh which I don’t believe is part of the template.

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Thanks! I’ll see if I can update that.

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I believe I’ve updated all of them now (as of #8805). Note that new versions of the docs website are published with new versions of Daml Connect, and this change just missed the current “release train” (1.10), so the live version will probably only get updated with 1.11 (currently planned for early March).

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