New `DAML Masterclass` blog post series

I have started a blog post series under the title DAML Masterclass.

The basic idea is that the more complex a business use case is, the better fit it is for a DAML-driven application. So after picking up the basics it’s time to check out the pros’ masterpieces.

For the first baby steps, you have a lot of help already, on top of this terrific community forum:

When you are already familiar with the basics and have some experience with writing simpler applications which consist of 3–4 smart contract templates and maybe some custom data types, you might want to raise the bar, and get your sight on more complex use cases.

That’s where you can draw a lot of inspiration from advanced reference applications created by DAML experts from Digital Asset. (You can find all of them on the DAML Marketplace.)

This blog post series is the documentation of my journey where I reverse engineered some of these refapps and learned a lot out of it.

You can read the first part right away: How to draw inspiration from advanced DAML reference applications

Up next in this series I will write about

I hope some of you will enjoy reading these pieces at least as much as I enjoyed writing them!


This is great @gyorgybalazsi. I was really looking forward to the “financial libraries” post