`Missing applicationId in access token` error

I get this error when using an access token with the following payload:

        "https://daml.com/ledger-api": {
          "ledgerId": "cc38051f-364d-4e13-be6a-4cc536ef69f1",
          "participantId": null,
          "applicationId": null,
          "admin": false,
          "actAs": ["ledger-party-beszerzes"],
          "readAs": ["ledger-party-beszerzes"]
        "exp": 1893455999

Also tried omitting the null fields, or set an arbitrary applicationId.

Also, I don’t know where my React app is using the applicationId when I specify it.

I’m still debugging the React call mentioned in an earlier question: Could you help me debug a React `exerciseByKey` call?

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The JSON API requires that the applicationID is present. There is no way around this atm. You need a token with this field set. If you do not are about the value, you can use something more or less arbitrary provided it is a valid ledger string (1-255 characters, characters must be ascii alphanum or one of the following ._:-#/ ).

The gRPC API accepts tokens without an application id but you have to specify one in the payload when submitting a command.


Thanks, now it works.