ApplicationID in User Token


Any way to setup ApplicationId field in the user token? I tried below and it did not work

   "aud": "",
   "sub": "someUserId",
   "exp": 1300909192,
   "applicationId": "someId"

If so, what format it should be and does it apply to both Audience based token and Scope based token?


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No you cannot set the applicationId. It is always set to your user id, i.e., the value you specify in sub.

Thanks @cocreature. Just to clarify, does that mean I have to use my userId as applicaitonId in the command submission in user token setup? Or, the applicationId in the command can be ignored?

You can either not set it (if you’re running with auth enabled) and it will be inferred to be the user id in your token or you can set it to the same value as your user id. If you set it to anything else you will get an error.

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