User Access Token

Based on the Audience-Based Tokens section in the documentation, wrt the following format:

   "aud": "",
   "sub": "someUserId",
   "exp": 1300819380

I need to get my Java app request the above token from my IAM so that I may pass it on every request to the ledger. To do this, I need to know if the someParticipantId is the same as the PN namespace? Can I confirm that this changes only if the node is restarted?

To the best of my understanding, the participant ID does not change once the node is started. However, you might want to set a fixed participant ID so that you can rely on that. You might want to have a look at this thread.

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Thanks @stefanobaghino-da.

Is the participantId the same thing as the PN namespace?

Not really, I wholeheartedly recommend reading our docs with regards to identities in Canton, it’s quite complete and should give you a solid understanding: Identity Management β€” Daml SDK 2.5.3 documentation

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