Could you help me debug a React `exerciseByKey` call?

Could anybody help me with this?

This is my component (written by not me but a React developer), with the function call:

const ButtonLA4 = (props) => {
  const { children } = props;

  let date = new Date()
  let newId =

  const ledger = useLedger();

  const buttonLa4Function = async () =>{
    try {
      await ledger.exerciseByKey(
        Main.Setup.Setup_MegrendelestIndit, "ledger-party-beszerzes",
          eszkozMegnevezes: "Eszkoz-abcd",
          megrendelo: "ledger-party-megrendelo",
          megrendeloAdatok: { megrendeloNev: "Megrendelonev-abcd", megrendeloCusman: "MegrendeloCusman-1234" },
          kosarszam: "Kosarszam-1234"
    } catch (err) {
      alert(`Error of exerciseByKey with choice = Main.Setup.Setup_MegrendelestIndit:\n${err}`);

  return (
    <a href="javascript:SubmitForm('form2')" onClick={buttonLa4Function}>
      <div className="beszer-button-la beszer-border-1px-thunder">
        <div className="beszer-lorem-ipsum-i115131 beszer-opensans-normal-white-14px">{children}</div>

I get the following errors:

POST http://localhost:3000/v1/exercise 404 (Not Found)
Cannot POST /v1/exercise

The acting party (the party on behalf of which I issue the command) is allocated on the ledger, and is specified with party id and access token in the DamlLedger component of the React code.

The acting party can see the contract Main.Setup in Navigator, and the contract has the choice Setup_MegrendelestIndit.

The contract has the key I specify in the call:

template Setup 
        kancellaria : Party
        beszerzes : Party 
        penzugy : Party
        helpdesk : Party
        szallito : Party 
        signatory kancellaria 
        key kancellaria : Party 
        maintainer key
        -- A Zebra beszerzés partyként rögzíti a megrendelést
        controller beszerzes can 
            nonconsuming Setup_MegrendelestIndit : ContractId Megrendeles
                    eszkozMegnevezes : Text 
                    megrendelo : Party
                    megrendeloAdatok : MegrendeloAdatok
                    kosarszam : Text 
                    megrendelesIdopontja <- getTime
                        folyamatAzonosito = sha256 $ show eszkozMegnevezes <> show megrendelesIdopontja 
                        folyamatAdatok = FolyamatAdatok with  
                            gyariszam = None 
                            szamlaSzama = None
                        megrendelesiAdatok = MegrendelesiAdatok with 
                    create Megrendeles 

I guess I don’t notice something trivial, can you help me to find it?

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The JSON API will never produce a 404 for a call to /v1/exercise. Looking at the port 3000, it seems like you might be trying to connect via the webpack dev server. My guess would be that the proxy from that to the JSON API is somehow misconfigured.

I recommend taking a look at how this is setup for create-daml-app and see what is different in your setup.


Thanks, that helped, I have a different error now which is closer to the successful ledger update, I post it in a different question.

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