Log in Issues with project:DABL

Hello, I am having a problem with logging into my project:DABL account. I have reset the password but it is still not working. The error message is wrong email or password

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hi @Albert_Pul.

Sorry to see this!

I’ve spent some time looking into the issue and it seems as though you’re running into an issue with cross origin cookie restrictions, which is related to a feature that we’re using in our hosted login provider, Auth0. When using the embedded login page, as we are, if cross origin cookies are blocked, then logins will fail due to browser restrictions preventing the flow of data between domains, that’s required for our hosted login provider to keep track of authentication. You can read more about this limitation here: https://auth0.com/docs/login/embedded-login/cross-origin-authentication#limitations. The issue was somewhat obscured by some incomplete and misleading logs within our tenant, which delayed the analysis of this issue. Since different browsers handle cross origin cookies differently, this issue manifests sporadically based on browser version and configuration.

In the meantime, to sign in, please use this link: https://login.projectdabl.com/auth/login . This link bypasses our embedded login page and instead loads an authentication provider hosted page, which doesn’t experience these issues.

In the background, we’ll look at other ways to address this problem that don’t require special knowledge of this link.

Thank you!


Thank you for the help! The bypass works. Kind regards

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