Language Governance


Are there any plans to build a more transparent community process to evolve DAML ?



Hi @Jean_Safar

This is a really good question. We’ve considered putting DAML under full community governance. At this stage of the language and ecosystem it doesn’t make sense and the benefit of being able to move fast based on high-touch customer feedback outweighs, in our opinion, the benefits of full community governance. This is something we’ll be open to revisiting as DAML gains adoption.

We do, however, want to make sure we are receiving that feedback from our community, and can consider measures for increasing transparency without going to full governance. I believe you’ve had suggestions with some members of our team on language features you’d like to see; I am not sure those conversations have touched on process. Perhaps we should schedule a call to see what can be done to make the process a little more open without slowing down the high-touch nature of our engagements right now.