Great Tutorial and Everything works

As the title said everything works. Great job.

Instead of reading about digital asset now I can play around with it. Will come back when I need more help.



Hi @kimktang welcome to the forum! I’m glad the process was smooth! Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be building!

To ease the development with daml I have integrated the repl into sublimerepl. Would be good if we can have this feature in vscode as well.

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When using the repl how do I send multiple lines?

Currently I try to collapse multiple lines into one line like the code below but this will not always work . Any hints will be appreciated.


acc1<-submit accountant (createCmd (CashBalance with accountant,owner,cash,location = InHand) )

Hi @kimktang could you repost this as a separate question so the community members can see the question. Currently this question is buried in this thread and won’t get much visibility. Thanks!