First impression with daml repl and problem with multiple lines

Hi team,

The repl is great and will provide instant feedback. The problem I have encountered so far is that the repl will only accept single line. In case I have several lines like the one below the repl will not work. Is there a way to overcome this? Currently I will just try to collapse it into one single lines. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Anyone here able to shed a light?

Many thanks,

    bank = Bank with
      party = bank_party
      address = "High Street"
      telephone = "012 3456 789"
    cash = Cash with
      currency = "USD"
      amount = 100.0

At the moment, multiline inputs are not supported in Daml REPL.

That was my concern. Most of the daml codes are multilines. The earlier daml repl can support multilines the better it is.