Development of Crypto exchange platform using DAML

Is possible development of Crypto exchange platform using DAML ?

Hi @Bhaskara_Rao_Choudar! Yes, in general that will be possible. How hard and involved this project is going to be depends of course also on the requirements it should have, like features and performance etc.

Ok, Thank you, Any platform reference links, developed crypto exchange platform using DAML.

I’m not aware of any crypto exchange project in DAML yet.

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i am also not aware @Bhaskara_Rao_Choudar, anyway welcome to the forum and the DAML community! did you tried DAML already? Any feedback so far?

ahhh! but there are! - a few stealthy exchanges being built - happy to discuss further if interested

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hoo Thank you eric, Is possible i will try with DAML. Already you have any roadmap or ideas that is appreciated.