DAML - DvP Reference design

Hi DA Team

Is there a reference design in daml for DvP (Delivery versus Payment) ?
Can you guide me to any of the reference daml models (on github) that may contain such a design ?



Hi Bart,

You are asking at a good time. We are working on a standard toolset for financial applications in this repo: GitHub - digital-asset/daml-finance. It’s about to be released in early access with Daml 2.4.0 and is intended to evolve into the standard way of modelling financial assets and workflows like DvPs in Daml. The documentation is still not integrated with docs.daml.com and stubbed in some places. Eg in the section on Settlement you’ll just see a TODO to illustrate DvPs using the FX example. You can find that here.

If you are looking for something simpler, check out the model in Composing Choices — Daml SDK 2.3.4 documentation.

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Thanks for the update. I will take a look.
If you want us to test the daml-finance or daml-finance-app please let us know.
Happy to help. Currently, we noticed a few deployment issues in the latest code of the app, but I guess it is because it has not been officially released

Hi Bart

Great to hear you’ve already taken a look at the library! We’ve updated the documentation quite a bit recently, and there are now three getting started tutorials available. The second one covers the DvP scenario, happy to hear feedback on it or on the docs overall. Starting with SDK 2.4 the quickstart project will be available in the Daml assistant via daml new --template=quickstart-finance, until then you can find the project code here.

It would be great to see some early usage of, and feedback on the library so feel free to take it for a spin. Just bear in mind that it’s still in alpha state, so things might still change. You can ask any questions about it here on the forums.

As for the deployment issues for daml-finance-app I’d be interested what you’re trying to do and what’s not working. So far, we’ve only been running this locally, but one of my colleagues also got it to run on Canton-on-Fabric recently. Feel free to PM me directly so we can help sort out your issues.

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