DAML Assistant + Scala & Haskell SDKs in Google Colab?


I am currently learning DAML (still on part 1 from the free certification) and I would like to know if anyone has managed to load these tools in Google Colab.

I found another post by someone calling the JSON API from Python, but I would be interested in a pre-configured notebook that installs shell scala and haskell requirements with line or cell magics.

Thinking out loud, if it is possible I think there are two options:

100% Cloud

  • True cloud portability
  • Guaranteed same environment from user to user


  • Free Google Colab might not have enough “ummph”
  • Google Colab configuration may be more complicated

Colab with local runtime

  • Fewer hidden parts
  • More control


  • Not true cloud portability
  • Local environment can be unpredictable

I may be missing something here, but I’m not 100% sure that a Haskell notebook would help here. Daml is indeed a Haskell dialect, but the compilation target, standard library and runtime are completely different and incompatible (as well as the fact that Daml is strict).

Thank you for the reply Stefano!

The reason that I am asking is because there is a DAML web IDE that is really useful for training. What’s most helpful as a learner is seeing the output from debug statements show in real time.

The goal would be to have the nice cell-based organization and markdown annotation of a Jupyter notebook with the real time DAML evaluation that the WebIDE is useful for.

As an update, I can get it from the GCP terminal, I just can’t get it to reprint the cell output