DAML Anti-Patterns Doc

I noticed the Docs site got rid of the anti-patterns page. Any chance this was a mistake or was this intentional?

I found it a useful reference along with the existing design-patterns for thinking about how to use DAML when designing and modeling workflows.

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This was a deliberate choice. They had led to some confusion, and were even contentious in some cases. We therefore removed the rather opinionated page to be replaced with more educational examples in the future. Were there any (anti-)patterns on there that you found particularly useful?

You can use the version switcher on the docs page to look at older versions with those pages if you want to look back. e.g. https://docs.daml.com/1.1.1/daml/anti-patterns.html

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That makes sense. Would be interesting to see some of that discussion surface on the forums here!

I found myself sharing the “dont-use-status-variables-in-smart-contracts” page quite a bit. Using distinct DAML contracts to capture the state of the workflow seems to make the most sense for the use cases we’ve been working on.

Probably opening up a can of worms here…

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