Create DAML App with Canton and Navigator problem

I’m running the Create DAML App example with Canton, as described in the Canton docs:

The custom UI works fine, but when I try to attach Navigator, I get an error message:

bgy@BGY create-daml-app % daml ledger navigator --host localhost --port 7575
Opening navigator at localhost:7575
daml-helper: GRPCIOBadStatusCode StatusUnavailable (StatusDetails {unStatusDetails = "Trying to connect an http1.x server"})

Maybe some of you can see from the error message what I am doing wrongly?

Maybe it’s that the custom UI uses websocket connection, and the Navigator cannot attach to the same port?

The json api sends the following error message:

14:00:43.808 [] WARN - Illegal request, responding with status '501 Not Implemented': Unsupported HTTP method: PRI
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7575 is usually the port of the JSON API, which is a HTTP 1.x server as per the error message. You need to connect navigator to the gRPC API of your canton node. You should find that in the canton participant config.


Yes, thank you!

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