UI do not open for localhost:6865

On requesting link- localhost:6865 url on the browser, following error comes:

This page isn’t working

localhost sent an invalid response.


Why no content is getting displayed, daml start executed successfully… but still…
Plz help.

Hi @kanika_kapoor,

Usually 6865 is the default port for the gRPC (HTTP/2, Ledger API) endpoints exposed by a Daml sandbox. If you have a specific ui, that is usually served by running npm start in the ui directory, or if you expect to see the navigator, that defaults to port 4000. Both print what port they are listening on to the command line.

Kind Regards,

Hi @kanika_kapoor,

Can you elaborate a bit more on how you ended up there? As @Mate_Varga mentioned, we do not have any tutorial (that I know of) that would suggest opening a browser on localhost:6865. Perhaps if you gave us a bit more context on what it is you are trying to achieve we’ll be able to help you a bit more?

Once we are in the right directory i.e. cd <project_name>, we execute daml start

daml start command executione log says:
http://localhost:6865 is up
http://localhost:7575/readyz is up

7575 is for Json Api server and it responds correctly on url hit, not sure what exactly gets up and running on port 6865. To know more details when I make a request to localhost://6865, it fails.

Can you provide more details what exactly it is and why we don’t get response from the url.

This may depend on the configuration of your project, but, generally speaking, we tend to start the Daml Ledger gRPC API on 6865.

That means that, while it is an open network port, it does not speak HTTP and therefore won’t be able to establish a conversation with a web browser.

Note that the logs do not say that http://localhost:6865 is up; they say that the (gRPC) server is listening on localhost:6865: not HTTP involved.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, thanks