Certification Retake

I just want to ask on how to repurchase the exam certification I am interesting in certification but my first 2 attempts I get failed. Based on the FAQs you can repurchased the exam but I dont see any button for repurchase, I send message to instructor but didnt reply yet.

Let me know if there’s another way to repurchase. Thanks

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Great question.

Congratulations on taking the certifications and being honest :+1:t2:

I would guess that the documentation writers did not consider this a likely event, and I mean no disrespect to you at all. I am yet to sit my certification exams, and had wondered the same point.

Good luck with your next efforts, if you would like to discuss study techniques or swap notes, please contact me via DM directly. I made a spreadsheet listing the intended topics of testing, then matched them (hopefully) to the relevant sections in the SDK.pdf

Cheers, QA.


Hey I checked our platform using the email you have on the forum and reset the associate exam. This should allow you to retake the certification. Let me know if it works, thanks!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

just read thru this post but it is still unclear to me what the policy is, so I would like to be clear:

  1. Is this a timed test or can one want can take it at leisure > , frankly my day is already pretty swamped.
  2. In case one does fail the exam , does that require a re-purchase of the exam ?
  3. Is the test current i.e. if one studies current DAML is it possible that can actually lead to incorrect answers because the test is not up to date ?

thank you for your time


Hi Anthony,
I’m facing the same problem could you please reset the Associate Exam for me,
My mail id is shristishrivas888@gmail.com

Hi @amiracam :wave:

Apologies for waiting so long for the answers :pray:

  1. The exams take between 60-90 minutes, depending on the exam (details in individual exam syllabus
  2. The price includes two attempts
  3. The exam is up-to-date with the exam syllabus

You can find the above information and in more detail on the certification page and the FAQ section.

Let us know if you need more info/have more questions.

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@Shristi_Shrivas done!

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that incentivizes me to study well :slight_smile:


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Good luck @amiracam!

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Hi Nemanja,
I want to purchase certification exam again. It is not showing any option to buy again.I am facing the same problem as discussed above. Can you please reset the Daml associate exam. Email- ishanjaiswal512@gmail.com

Hi @Ishan_Jaiswal :wave:

We have just announced the increase in the number of attempts (from 2 to 3) you get with each Daml Certification Exam purchase so you’ve got an additional take.