Removing legacy certification exams from our catalog

Good morning / afternoon / evening everyone,

Today we will remove the three remaining legacy certification exams from our training catalog. The exams to be removed are: Contract Developer, Solutions Architect, and Applications Engineer.

Removing these legacy exams will increase our focus on certification paths, which include both curriculum and certification assessments, while removing out-of-date exams that no longer represent our latest product versions.

With the release of Daml Fundamentals earlier this year we introduced the “certification path”, which is a comprehensive curriculum that builds toward a defined outcome and certification. At the end of a path, we include a certification exam to assess a trainee’s expected skills.

After the launch of Daml Fundamentals, we removed the legacy Associate Certification exam, because Daml Fundamentals was created to be a new and improved version of the former “Associate” expected skills. We decided to leave the other three legacy certification exams active, because we had some people who were engaging with them at the time.

Now, we are on the verge of releasing the Contract Developer Certification Path and the Daml Philosophy Certification Path. Our catalog is growing and we are becoming more intentional about communicating our training strategy and offering. Having the legacy certification exams presents a layer of confusion, because they are active but not part of our current training strategy. All of the legacy exams will have comprehensive certification path replacements over the next year or so.

If you have already passed one of these exams, we will keep that data stored, but please note that we now consider the exams to be unsupported and out-of-date. Recertification may be expected once the new curriculum paths are released. If you have already passed a legacy certification exam, you will be granted a voucher to re-certify at no cost with its replacement when it is released. Please reach out with questions, or to request a voucher to re-certify.

Take a look at our training catalog to see our latest courses and certification paths.

Thank you and happy Daml’ing!


Nice, looks good. Please keep adding more courses with wide range of expertise. Thanks.

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