New Training and Certification Programs Available

:mega: Hi everyone, big announcement today! :mega:

We have released two new certification paths: Daml Philosophy and Daml Contract Developer. You can learn more about both paths, as well as our Training and Certification program in general on our new Training and Certification home page.

The Daml Philosophy Path is an introductory-level curriculum that teaches the core tenets for leveraging the unique capabilities of Daml applications and the Canton Network. This path is for all decision-makers, leads, and contributors on a Daml implementation team. Think of the Philosophy path as our “tree trunk” from which all other training and certifications branch from.

The Daml Contract Developer Path is an intermediate-level curriculum meant to follow the Daml Fundamentals Certification Path (released earlier this year) and prepare developers to build Daml-based applications. Trainees will learn best practices for Daml programming and design, enabling them to translate processes and requirements into Daml code. They will also learn how to think about Daml applications with respect to scalability, performance, and maintainability.

You can engage with all of our training programs through our LMS. Accounts are free to establish, and courses within the certification paths are free to take. Certification exams have a paywall of $150 USD, but if you work with a Digital Asset customer or registered partner, please reach out to to request a coupon code.

There will be more training and certification paths coming throughout 2024. Looking forward to seeing your engagement and getting your feedback. Happy new year everyone!