Shutting down our interactive tutorial site -> Moving forward with comprehensive training and certification on our LMS platform

Hi everyone, we are shutting down our interactive tutorials site today. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The nature of an interactive platform like this reduces the quality of our training outcomes. Daml is best learned when you use our SDK on your local machine, as opposed a site that provides an environment and answers for you.
  • We are building out our training catalog to cover foundational knowledge, customer-facing roles, and specializations around Daml and Canton. Our LMS platform is best suited for this type of training and certification, and having an interactive tutorial site on the side distracts people from the core training we’d like them to engage with. We encourage everyone to create an account and start with our Daml Fundamentals Certification Path.

In short, we have made this decision to provide a more intuitive and effective training experience, one in which trainees will achieve outcomes that can be leveraged for real-world solutions with Daml.

All of the content within our interactive tutorials will eventually be revisited, improved, and included within new certification paths on our LMS. We will keep everyone posted as we release these paths, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thank you!

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