We have increased the number of Daml Certification Exam retakes to 3

Hi Damlers,

We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for Daml certifications from both individual Daml’rs and from customers and partners who are actively seeking to hire those with a Daml Certification. Many of you who have taken the exams realize that they are not easy - there is a high failure rate for first time takers. Our intent with Certification exams is to assure that those who pass are significantly skilled to develop and deploy production grade Daml applications.

Our current testing policy allows you 2 attempts to pass before requiring you to re-purchase another test (2 additional attempts). In practice we’ve seen many people make their first test attempt after very little time reviewing Daml training material, treating it almost as a pre-check of their knowledge. Most of these attempts will undoubtedly fail leaving the user with a single remaining attempt. Unfortunately we also see a significant amount of people fail the second attempt.

Recognizing this pattern we have decided to add a 3rd attempt to each certification purchase. We encourage you to treat each attempt as a final - you will need to put in a significant amount of training time and practice to pass certification. Should you fail 3 times you will need to repurchase additional attempts.

In addition, over the coming months we will begin promoting those who have passed the Certification Exams on our forum and website - opt-in will be required. It a major achievement we want to celebrate and our customers and partners want to know who the top Dam’l are! Watch this space for more info.

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