Canton on Fabric: Question regarding sequencer node connections

Hi all,

I had 2 questions regarding a Canton-on-Fabric network.

  1. Fabric-separated sequencer connectivity with main domain
    I usually perform connection of the additional fabric-separated sequencers using the main domain sequencer as a reference with the command:
    This suggests that newSequencer is connected to the mediator and topology manager via origSequencer.
    However, a declaration of newSequencer’s admin-api URL and port is still required in the topology manager .conf file.
    Does this declaration mean that a direct connection is also required between the topology manager and newSequencer?

  2. Connection route of data during Canton transaction processing
    During Canton transaction processing, does the newSequencer communicate directly with the origSequencer via its admin-api port or only through the Fabric network using the Fabric chaincode?

Thank you!

Hi @Julius_William,

  1. You do not have to share the Admin API to onboard a new sequencer. Please refer to this section in the documentation to see how to achieve it: Manage Domain Entities — Daml SDK 2.5.1 documentation

  2. Generally speaking the Admin API is not required for normal operations, the Public API is. Two sequencers however only ever communicate using the synchronization provider (Fabric), no direct visibility/connection is required to be there between the sequencers.

Hope this helps,