App composing with Daml Finance

Hi Team,

We are in some thought process about the use of Daml Finance for tokenisation. Consider this situation:

  • Platform Alpha is built with Daml Finance
  • Platform Beta is going to build a tokenisation platform, which may or may not use Daml Finance
  • Platform Gamma is providing services for the tokens issued on platform Alpha and Beta


  1. If Beta follows Daml Finance, then Gamma can use native capabilities of Daml Finance like settlement to provide service for tokens on platform Alpha and Beta.
  2. If Beta implements its own proprietary model while keeping the interfaces of Daml Finance, then Gamma can still use native capabilities of Daml Finance, just as the first scenario (thanks to the interfaces!).
  3. If Beta implements a complete proprietary model which is not following anything on Daml Finance, then Gamma needs to build a customised model in order to provider trading services to Alpha and Beta.

Scenario 1 and 2 can fully utilise the advantages of Daml Finance, while 3 is still technically doable although the development effort on Gamma may be much higher.

See if this understanding is correct. Thanks.

Hi @kctam,

Your understanding is correct.

I would add that in scenario 2 (Beta uses Daml Finance interfaces + custom implementations) Gamma needs to vet and accept the custom dars from Beta, in addition to the Daml Finance dars.

In scenario 1 only the Daml Finance dars need to be vetted and accepted by Gamma.


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