Daml Finance Off-ledger Components

Hi, currently it seems that the Daml Finance capability is mostly limited to the Daml smart contract templates. Is there any plan to add support for off-ledger components? For example, I might want to write automation to split/merge Holdings and allocate them to settlement instructions. Or, I may want to efficiently get the balance of an account (I could get the ACS for Holding contracts, but this could be expensive, perhaps better to continuously stream create/archive events and write balance to a database).


Hi @huw,

Currently Daml Finance is a pure Daml library.

As part of the work scoped for the coming months, we are planning to move outside of the Daml layer and are likely to address some of the items you are bringing up in this post. I am unfortunately not able to provide additional details / certainty at this point in time as to what exactly will be provided.

Thank you,